Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why is Frank Pallone hiding from the question: Where are the jobs

Over the past year we have raised the question: where are the jobs Frank Pallone? And until yesterday we never got any response out of Frank Pallone. But after releasing a photo criticizing Pallone for his lack of a substantial job policy, he went into full defense mode. Like any good Democrat he went to silence the opposition, and that's what he's trying to do.

Last night we posted this photo on his Facebook page only to have it removed shortly. So we asked others to join in to post it on Pallone's Facebook. Others including myself posted it on his Facebook only to find out the following morning that anyone who posted the photo was banned from Pallone's Facebook and the post were removed.

Interestingly enough Pallone also updated part of his personal information on his Facebook page. And here's what he put.
Hmmm So I guess Frank Pallone and his team view the words “where are the jobs” as offensive language. It looks like Frank Pallone is against anyone calling criticism to his records and the claims he makes.

But seriously what does Frank Pallone have to hide about a simple question “where are the jobs”. Well let's take a look...

And when you add it all up the numbers are astonishing the Pallone's are destroying millions of jobs and costing the economy and small businesses billions of dollars!

Jobs lost due to the Pallone's policies: 3,303,000
Cost to the economy due to the Pallone's policies: $1,526,500,000,000
 (and that's just since 2008)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where are the jobs : the photo Frank Pallone hates

Earlier today we released a photo criticizing Congressman Frank Pallone on his failure to support a credible job policy and more importantly his abuse of power, when he got his wife (Sarah Pallone) a $144,000+ year job at the EPA.

So as usual we posted it on his Facebook, like we have done with many other things. However this time Frank Pallone removed the photo that we shared on his Facebook statuses. This is the first time he has ever removed anything that we posted on his Facebook. So what does that mean; this photo drives him crazy!

So we're asking you to share it on one of Frank Pallone's Facebook statuses. 
His Facebook page is here

Where are the jobs Frank Pallone?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

1.4 4 million job losses and counting under Sarah Pallone's EPA

Sarah Pallone
If you don't know by now in December of 2008 (under the Obama administration transition team) Frank Pallone hooked up his wife Sarah Pallone with the real cushy job at the EPA making over $140,000 a year plus sweet perks and benefits. So Frank Pallone and his family are unaffected by this recession!

Since Sarah Pallone got her job at the EPA a number of regulations have been introduced and enacted that are destroying literally millions of jobs and costing the US economy billions of dollars, and not to mention putting us at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the world.

The National Economic Research Associates (NERA) used the Federal Government’s own data finding that since Sarah Pallone assumed her position the proposed EPA regulations would cost America over 180,000 jobs per year between 2013 and 2020.

According to Ken Blackwell of the Cincinnati Ohio News, “various outside analysts seem to agree that, at minimum, the 10 major rules that the EPA issued in 2010 could cost the economy at least $23 billion and nearly one million jobs.

In addition to that The ACCE conducted a study of net employment losses due to the EPA’s proposed Transport and MACT Rules. And what were the results? Between 2013 and 2020 1.44 million American jobs will be lost due to the implementation of these two rules under Sarah Pallone's EPA.

These regulations are onerous and unneeded. The EPA has studies which have made clear that the air pollutants they are trying to regulate pose no risk. The health benefits claimed by the EPA for these proposed regulations are actually for pollutants that are already controlled through other existing regulations.

What is even more disappointing, is the fact that this is something Sarah Pallone should have worked to prevent. It is her job as "Administrator of Intergovernmental Relations" to work with the different states, counties, and towns in heavy manufacturing areas to prevent American job loss. But the American manufacturing complex is the hardest hit by Sarah Pallone's EPA.

  • Pennsylvania: 59,000
  • Ohio: 53,500
  • Michigan: 40,000
  • Illinois: 48,000
  • Indiana: 51,500
  • Wisconsin: 24,500
  • Iowa: 26,500
  • Florida: 135,000
  • Missouri: 76,000

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frank Pallone wants to cut funding for cancer research

President Obama's budget is filled with outrageous things, and this is one of them.

One of our readers brought this to our attention when we shared an article on our Facebook Page on how Obama’s budget will subsidize $10,000 for each electric car sold. Keep in mind that's not just for American made electric cars like the GM (government motors) Chevy Volt, but any electric car.

Obama's budget calls for cutting funds for cancer research. Here's a message from the American Cancer Society.
WASHINGTON – February 13, 2012 – “The president’s budget proposal to cut funding for cancer research at the National Cancer Institute in Fiscal Year 2013 is deeply disappointing after he specifically called out the importance of cancer research earlier this month in his State of the Union address. Further, these cuts contradict the president’s previous commitment to increase cancer research and come just months after Congress showed bipartisan support by including an increase in the current research budget... An estimated 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 577,000 will die from the disease this year.
But yet Congressman Frank Pallone supports Obama's budget!  This is just more outrageous hypocrisy from Congressman Frank Pallone. Earlier today Frank Pallone visited the Roosevelt care Center in Edison to discuss long-term care needs in Middlesex County.

The American Cancer Society sent out this in an email.
He wants to cut funding for cancer research. He wants to cut funding for prevention.

Frank Pallone discussed long-term care needs as he supports a budget which cuts funding for cancer research and preventative care.  And on top of it the budget he supports gives millions of dollars in subsidies to the failed Chevy Volt, and overseas car companies!
 The Chevy Volt over cancer research

Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 years later: the failure of the Pallone back Stimulus package

Three years ago yesterday marked the anniversary of the Recovery Act a.k.a. stimulus package being signed into law by Pres. Obama. Our "lovely" Congressman Frank Pallone supported the bill with open arms. Frank Pallone believes that the stimulus package is a great law that is creating millions of jobs. Pallone stated that there is "Evidence that the Recovery Act is creating jobs"

However since Frank Pallone has only been a politician all of his life he knows little about job creation and growth.

Over the past several months there has been much talk about the unemployment rate going down. At first glance that seems like great news, however if one takes a microeconomics class you will know the real reason why the unemployment rate is going down and not unemployment itself.

You see when the Labor Department conducts its monthly survey to calculate the unemployment rate they asked the question: are you unemployed and currently looking for a job. If you are unemployed and have given up looking for work you are not counted. If you took a minimum-wage job and are looking for more work you are not counted. At this point there are millions of Americans who simply given up looking for work, and millions more are doing jobs at minimum wage because they can't find work in their field.

 A great illustration of this is looking to see how many Americans are actually in the workforce.
As you can see when the stimulus was signed into law approximately 66% of the country was in the workforce however as of January 2012 approximately 64% of the country is in the workforce. For a stimulus package that was supposed to create millions of jobs the evidence is to the contrary!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Frank Pallone silent on Obama's war against the Catholic Church

For the past few weeks there has been heated debate over Pres. Obama's administration forcing Catholic institutions to violate aspects of their religion. The bishops all across the country have stood up in opposition against the president's latest mandate.

Obama claims it's just about contraception. But in reality there's a much bigger issue at play, that is the First Amendment and freedom of religion. If Obama can order a religious institution to pay for a certain action or product that violates their beliefs what else can he do? Isn't that why our founders left Europe, so they could practice their religion without government interference. To have the federal government mandate to a religious institution that they have to purchase a product or service that is in direct confrontation with their beliefs is simply outrageous.

Frank Pallone, a lifetime member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Long Branch must be outraged over the president's attack on his religion. However Frank Pallone has remained silent on the issue. A quick glance at his twitter feed shows he has time to talk about everything else from same-sex marriages to apple juice. Pallone even had time to tweet about what he was eating (and it's something Michelle Obama wouldn't approve of either).

"Really good fried fish at African bazaar" - Frank Pallone

A recent poll by CNN shows that 50% of Americans strongly disapprove of the president's mandate on the Catholic Church, while only 40% approve the action. Yet Frank Pallone decides to focus on “fried fish”.

You see hard-core partisan liberals like Frank Pallone have one religion and that is liberalism. They worship the state in those who lead their ideology, in this case Obama. Frank Pallone's loyalty is not to the Catholic Church that he has been a part of all of his life, but rather to president Obama and his hard-core partisan liberal beliefs!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Join our team, become a writer for Pallone Not For NJ

Dislike Frank Pallone Jr.? Then tell him how you feel! Become a writer for Frank Pallone NOT For New Jersey. If you are interested in joining our team of writers please send an e-mail to

 Together we can stop Pallone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fire rips through West End in Long Branch

This afternoon at around 11 AM a fire was reported on Brighton Avenue just down the street from the Windmill located on Ocean Avenue. However the small fire rapidly grew totally engulfing 2 buildings and damaging at least one other. No injuries were reported.

The fire started in the building directly next to the Lighthouse in West End which used to be a video rental store many years ago and has since been vacant.

The question that I have however is this. With a Long Branch firehouse located a block away how could a small fire grow so rapidly and engulf 2 structures?

Both Long Branch, West Long Branch, and Asbury Park fire departments responded to the blaze that was eventually put out around 3 PM
2-13-12 Brighton Ave. Fire, Long Branch

 More photos can be viewed here

Friday, February 3, 2012

Job opening available, make $174,000 a year with sweet perks

Are you someone who enjoys easy work? Would you like to legally participate in insider trading? Do you like having people look up to you and treat you with respect? Then we have a job opening for you! How would you like to be the next congressperson from the 6 district of New Jersey!?!

As the race for choosing an opponent to face off Barack Obama is under way, so we hear in New Jersey need to find a challenger to face the hypocritical and bloviating Frank Pallone.

We started off this post in a humorous manner but now it's time to get serious. If anyone is interested in challenging Frank Pallone in the general election please send us an e-mail, our e-mail address is located at the bottom of this post. Preferably we are looking for someone that has the following qualifications.

  •  Someone who is 25 years or older
  •  Someone who lives in Middlesex County, preferably Woodbridge or Edison
  •  Someone who is preferably a business person or has been
  •  Someone who is active in their community
  • Someone who likes interacting with people and is extremely personable
  •  Someone who can stand up under pressure
  •  A United States citizen
Earlier today our friends at MoreMonmouthMusings started the discussion of who would possibly be a good candidate. After seeing all the names thrown around we decided to make a poll and here it is.

If anyone is interested in challenging Frank Pallone in the general election please send us an e-mail