Friday, February 3, 2012

Job opening available, make $174,000 a year with sweet perks

Are you someone who enjoys easy work? Would you like to legally participate in insider trading? Do you like having people look up to you and treat you with respect? Then we have a job opening for you! How would you like to be the next congressperson from the 6 district of New Jersey!?!

As the race for choosing an opponent to face off Barack Obama is under way, so we hear in New Jersey need to find a challenger to face the hypocritical and bloviating Frank Pallone.

We started off this post in a humorous manner but now it's time to get serious. If anyone is interested in challenging Frank Pallone in the general election please send us an e-mail, our e-mail address is located at the bottom of this post. Preferably we are looking for someone that has the following qualifications.

  •  Someone who is 25 years or older
  •  Someone who lives in Middlesex County, preferably Woodbridge or Edison
  •  Someone who is preferably a business person or has been
  •  Someone who is active in their community
  • Someone who likes interacting with people and is extremely personable
  •  Someone who can stand up under pressure
  •  A United States citizen
Earlier today our friends at MoreMonmouthMusings started the discussion of who would possibly be a good candidate. After seeing all the names thrown around we decided to make a poll and here it is.

If anyone is interested in challenging Frank Pallone in the general election please send us an e-mail


  1. Pallone Announces $12.3 Million for Beach Replenishment in Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach
    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Washington DC – Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) announced Wednesday that $12.3 million will be awarded to fund beach replenishment in Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach thanks to a request Congressman Pallone submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This funding will allow the Army Corps to begin replenishing the beaches in these towns in Fall 2012.

    “This funding is vitally important for the Shore and I commend the Army Corps of Engineers for responding to my funding request for these projects,” said Pallone. “Beach replenishment projects make it possible for millions of people to enjoy the Jersey shore every summer, and come hurricane season, provide a protective barrier to beachfront communities.”

    Last month the Army Corps of Engineers completed a contract that replenished a portion of the beach in Monmouth Beach that went forward due to funding secured by Pallone in 2011. The $12.3 million secured by Pallone in 2012 will allow the Army Corps of Engineers to complete the rest of Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright. Significant erosion has occurred in these areas over the last few years which can put homes and businesses in jeopardy when a storm hits the coast.

    The money was approved as part of the fiscal year 2012 appropriations legislation passed in late December that funds the government through the end of the year. Pallone worked with the Army Corps of Engineers to request that funding be allocated to this project. The Army Corps of Engineers will begin the beach replenishment project later this year.

    In addition to this beach replenishment project, Pallone also secured funding for a number of other projects in the 6th Congressional district. The South River Flood Control Project received $125,000, which will allow the Army Corps of Engineers to continue with the Preconstruction, Engineering and Design phase. The Shark River Inlet maintenance dredging project received $495,000, which will enable the Corps to dredge the river's inlet this year. The Sandy Hook Bay at Leonardo project will receive $127,710 for future maintenance dredging.

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