Friday, January 6, 2012

James Hogan responds to : Frank Pallone’s New Years Message

By James Hogan 

 In responds to : Frank Pallone’s New Years Message

Speaking of “putting Americans back to work” - how about that $1.6 MILLION from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that is being spent *wisely* in Pallone’s home town, and mine, the Great City of Long Branch, NJ USA by the Long Branch Housing Authority??
$1.6 MILLION to “create” 3 jobs. Surely, those three people are REALLY happy to have received $533,333/each. I should have applied for that job….
In the context of “putting Americans back to work” - good job on that “Gamecraft bumper pool table” for $411, the one Made in China. At least a few Americans worked as port workers importing them from a ship and a truck driver bringing the table to NJ. I surely hope to pay more taxes next year so that more people, like me, can have a pool table, and plus I can see why the housing authority needs a pool table, doesn’t everyone have one these days?
I also see the benefit of the HOUSING AUTHORITY spending $879 on “Script Copy, playbills, flyers, etc.” Sadly, I must have missed the performance, I guess the Housing Authority is in the entertainment business too?
The $936 “Computer upgrade” seems reasonable, and I can see how the housing authority might need that. But maybe next time I can be notified of the other technology work being done so that I can bid on the $1,035 “A/V and wire installation”, which is followed by a $5,300 “Sound & video system” or maybe it’s the $8,586 for “labor/IT/Cable/KT” I should bid on. There is also a $11,538 “new sound & video system”, so maybe that’s two sound systems, one for $5,300 and a second for $11,538? Or was the first $5,300 system just not good enough? Either way, I see the value, and how it puts Americans to work, to have $16,000 tied up in a sound system, at the Housing Authority.
And surely, the $11,150 “Computer upgrade - Dell laptop w/docking station” ; must be one heck of a laptop because even those nice Mac Book Pros are $2500 or so. So again, I hope to pay enough taxes this year to find out what a $11,000 laptop looks like, or why a housing authority needs such a machine since as a Software Engineer, a $900 laptop works great for me.
I do also suppose that the $14,608 “network upgrade/install wireless access” must be required to use that $11,000 laptop.
Of course, with an $11,000 laptop and $14,000 wireless network, the $11,957 “Server/CCTV Upgrade” and then $14,821 “cctv security cameras” to go with the $299,507 “CCTV equipment for Seaview Manor/Bucky James ” that immediately needed a $14,210 “CCTV security system upgrade” makes sense, especially with the murder over there and all.
And all of the spending of *my* tax money at the housing authority is doing great for my own private property values too, I mean, the value has decreased year after year since I purchased! I bet if we can keep “putting Americans back to work” at this rate, my home will be worth about $15 in no time…..(that you can see here)
… but then this is the same Housing Authority property that we dumped $10million or so into a few years ago (… for 40 units… and again, I just have to think that here in the Great City of Long Branch, NJ USA, 40 houses, must bigger and nicer, could have been purchased for well under $250,000 each.
I’d mention the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money spent in Long Branch on the sidewalks for Bath Ave but at the last city council meeting, a few dozen residents were quite unhappy with the lack of quality in the result.
Come to think of it…. the “American recovery” doesn’t seem to be advancing very much here, are you sure it’s working, or do you think this year I can hang on to a few of my own dollars and spent it, wisely, on my own?


  1. Congressman Pallone To Stands With Middletown Officials to Announce Fire Grant Tomorrow
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 12, 2012

    Middletown, N.J. – On Friday, January 13, 2012, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. will visit Middletown Fire Department’s Navesink Hook & Ladder Fire Company station to announce a grant for nearly half a million dollars that will help ensure the safety of the Middletown community. The $465,320 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) will be used to purchase new radios to replace equipment made obsolete by new Federal Communications Commission standards.

    During his visit the Congressman will tour the fire station and discuss the importance of public safety with Middletown officials including Mayor Anthony Fiore, Fire Chief Andrew Spears and other local leaders.

    "When dealing with public safety issues, having modernized communications equipment can mean the difference between life and death," said Pallone. "This funding will make a difference locally by making it safer for firefighters and first responders to do their jobs and save lives."

    In 2011, over one million dollars in grant money was awarded to fire departments in the sixth Congressional district to improve community emergency services. Pallone recently announced a $175,468 grant to the Ocean Township Fire District 1 for a new breathing apparatus, which will replace 36 units that are at the end of their useful life as well as $617,500 to acquire equipment like pump trucks, rescue vehicles, ambulances and fireboats.

    "At a time when other funding is being cut for critical services such as public safety, health and education, it's more important than ever that the federal government step in with critical support to protect our communities."

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