Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is Frank Pallone a psychic? Pallone sees flood damage before it even occurs!

It looks like Frank Pallone can see into the future! On August 25, 2011 Frank Pallone tweeted about seeing the flood damage in Ocean Township. However hurricane Irene didn't come to New Jersey until August 27, 2011. So can Frank Pallone see into the future? 


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frank Pallone had a Townhall but kept it a secret

I hope everyone is safe after the hurricane last weekend.

On August 25, 2011 Frank Pallone held a tele-townhall (a townhall meeting but over the telephone). We found out about it from one of our readers sending in a tip. After we got the tip, we called Frank Pallone's DC office. We asked the staffer for the phone number of the tele-townhall, she put us on hold. After waiting over 5 min. and not hearing anything we hung up. We then called his office in Long branch, and asked the same question (what is the phone number for the tele-townhall) to which the staffer told us “oh I'm sorry it's too late to call in and ask questions now”. She wouldn't even give us the number to listen in.

We found this all quite peculiar, because normally were on top of everything Frank Pallone does. He went to his Facebook and twitter and didn't see any mention of the tele-townhall, we went to both his congressional and campaign website and found nothing promoting or mentioning it. It was only after the town hall that Frank Lohan tweeted.

"Great questions & comments on teletownhall meeting..." - Frank Pallone

I'm trying to figure out why Frank Pallone wouldn't promote or have an in-person townhall, his last one was a great success he had over 1,500 people in Red Bank in August of 2009.  It is where he told us that he was the author of Obama Care, it is where he told us he was very proud of the healthcare reform bill.

It turns out that Frank Pallone only invited a select group of constituents to have the chance of participating in the townhall. It looks like he's choosing which opinions he wants to hear and take down to Washington. Also it makes things more difficult for his constituents to know where he stands on the current issues. When he held his last in person town hall meetings there were multiple videos from each meeting up on YouTube by a number of his constituents. Unfortunately it looks like we have no recording of this townhall that he decided to have in secret.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mandatory evacuations in Monmouth County

From the APP

Coastal towns north of Asbury Park are beginning to order mandatory evacuations – the latest of which require residents to be out of town by 8 p.m. Saturday.

Long Branch expects to order its mandatory evacuation within hours while Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach already have ordered theirs, officials said.

Oceanport, which is not a coastal town but one in which its low-lying areas near the river tend to flood, is recommending an evacaution of vulnerable areas and Mayor Michael J. Mahon will decide by 8 a.m. tomorrow whether to make the evacaution mandatory, said Clerk-Administrator Kimberly A. Jungfer.

“It could be significantly worse than '92,” said Monmouth Beach's Lt. Dennis Cahill, the borough's emergency managment coordinator who said the borough's mandatory evacauation deadline is 4 p.m. tomorrow.

The area was expecting a high tide anyway and with a new moon, the storm surge could be significant, he said.

Long Branch City Administrator Howard H. Woolley Jr. also is using 1992's nor'easter as a bench mark. He said no weather event since then has measured up to what the city can expect from Irene. Already, the city has set up a shelter at the Long Branch Middle School with the possibility the high school could be added to that.

Woolley said the city is in talks with the county to make provisions for pets while Jungfer said the communications high school in Wall will accept animals in cages.

“A lot of us have dogs and we will not leave them,” said Woolley.

Those who need to relocate vehicles may use a lot at Monmouth Park Racetrack, officials said.

“Right now, we have issued a voluntary evacuation directive and in all likelihood we will issue a mandatory evacuations for the areas of town to be affected by the storm surge within the next two hours,” Woolley said.

He said New York City's Mayor Bloomberg said it best when he noted that residents who don't evacuate are putting emergency response workers at risk.

“When the water comes up, they will call us and we will send someone out to get them,” said Woolley. 

“We are expecting similar conditions to '92,” said Woolley. “There is going to be a huge storm surge,” he said noting the 1992 storm lingered for several tide cycles and he is hoping Irene moves right on through.

“It is a huge storm,” Woolley said of Irene, which measures more than 400 miles.

“It will be huge unless it moves,” he said of implications on Monmouth County's coastline.

“If it moves east, we will still see rain and tide implications,” he said as he was monitoring moment-by-moment storm tracking.

Woolley said it would likely be a Category 1 by the time it approached the Jersey Shore but that sort of storm still brings winds of 70 to 80 miles an hour and a massive, torrential rainfall.

“Appropriate fear is not a bad reaction,” said Woolley. “Just don’t let it paralyze you,” he said urging readiness such as providing water, batteries, flashlights, radio and food.

For Cahill in Monmouth Beach, the evacuations are to begin immediately. For those needing transportation, they should contact borough police who will be taking folks over to a staging area to be transported either to Holmdel High School or to Red Cross shelters in Wall or Colts Neck.

Monmouth Beach's police number is 732-229-1313.

“For us, it is that storm surge coming at high tide,” said Cahill.

Things are not quite so urgent in Oceanport which is not a coastal town although still subject to flooding in low-lyng areas. Officials are urging those in such areas – anyone who saw flooding in the 1992 nor’easter – to leave immediately while Mayor Michael J. Mahon will decide on a mandatory evacuation by 8 a.m. Saturday.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

(Your) God Is Dead

By Ernesto Cullari published August 18th 2011 TriCity News


The problem for liberal government is -- as a liberal, I will tell you -- proving that it works.” ---Liberal Pollster Pat Caddell

Liberalism as an institutionalized ideology and as a political philosophy has failed all throughout the world in such places as prewar Austria, pre and post War Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Greece, Detroit, California, New Jersey, New York and the list goes on and yet Liberals remain unaware of its utter failure and demise.

So where do these Liberals who go about denying history and the empirical evidence before them come from? Twentieth and Twenty-first century liberalism would not exist today if it weren’t for the influence of Charles Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche. Darwin’s work enabled one to argue that man was not made in God’s image, but rather mankind and all living creatures are the products of random biological changes inherited from a common ancestor.

Building on Darwin, Nietzsche argued that not only is man not made in God’s image it is god who is in fact made in Man’s image, as a projection of his mind. This contrived God’s biological function evolutionarily speaking is to soothe Man’s angst filled and troubled mind. And since He only exists in the mind of the believer, God is dead.

If God is dead then His Judeo-Christian morals are dead. If His morals are dead then all that is left between right and wrong is what we subjectively decide on as a society. This Subjectivism is what gave rise to what we now call Liberalism and it is precisely this ideology, which is the denial of Objective f acts and morals that enables the Liberal to disregard the consequences of their cosmic treason.

The Liberal goes about life saying to one’s self that, “Your truth is not my truth.” It is exactly this Darwinian-morality that empowers the politician, both Democrat and Republican, to compromise on such issues as the nation’s indebtedness and abortion; and it is through their various crusades (Obamacare, Cap and Trade, deficit spending, the rampant printing of currency and punitive taxation) that they trample upon the inalienable rights imputed upon man by God. It is why they disregard the Constitution.

If who or what we call God is restricted to one’s mind and no more real than other fanciful thoughts, like that of fairies and hobbits or at least no more consequential than the notion that another mind possesses of God then there must exist an adequate substitute for the Judeo-Christian God, to which we can swear our allegiance, place our faith and from which we can derive our morals. For the modern Liberal the Deity is government. The will of the government takes priority over the will of the individual. In fact, there are no individuals in Liberalism; there are only groups, which are to be further broken down into a taxonomy of minorities.It is therefore befitting that Liberals would seek to remove all vestiges of the Judeo- Christian God from the public view, because The State, like any god, demands piety. While it may seem humorous at first to assert that Liberals have replaced God with government and its institutions, consider that in all societies where leftwing regimes have risen to power Judaism and Christianity have either been cast out of all public places, deemed unacceptable or simply outlawed. Barack Obama stated that America was no longer a Christian nation, despite polling that shows that 80% or more of Americans consider themselves Christian. The writer Kitty Werthmann recounts how after Hitler assumed power in predominantly Catholic Austria in 1938 the crucifix that hung above her classroom’s blackboard was replaced with Hitler’s picture and the Nazi flag. Hitler similarly wiped out as many fixtures of the Judeo-Christian faith from Europe as he could.

The Eric Holders, the Barack Obamas, the Juan Perons and the Frank Pallones of the world demand submission to their manmade Deity, because they see themselves as righteous mantle bearers of the States’ virtue and above such submissiveness. They are all that stands between the “people” and the evils of this world. In Hitler’s Germany they protected us from the Jews. In Castro’s Cuba and Peron’s Argentina it was the greedy landowners and capitalists that transgressed. In Chavez’s Venezuela it was America and the oil companies that needed to be exorcised. And in Obama’s America it is the greedy rich, the auto executives, cash rich corporations, the medical industry and those that make more than $250,000 that all need to repent or face the State’s wrath. The world is littered with the lives of those destroyed in Liberal crusades yet the Liberal does not realize that no matter how many demigods they send they will never be able to raise their god from the dead. “It is finished.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake strikes Monmouth County New Jersey

 At approximately 1:45 PM on August 23 ripples from a 5.3 earthquake and Virginia hit Monmouth County New Jersey causing homes to shake for approximately 1 min. This is the 1st time in several years that an earthquake was felt and Monmouth County.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Formal apology from the creator of the Lautenberg video

On August 14th I filmed and uploaded a video of Senator Frank Lautenberg speaking on the boardwalk in Belmar, NJ. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, featured the Senator calling on “the rich” to pay more taxes.  The Senator stated that “there’s another place to get your money, and it’s to get it from people like me.” This argument has become an all-too-familiar refrain from the super-elite worth more than $50 million, as is Senator Lautenberg.

Towards the end of the video I misunderstood what the senator was saying. I thought the Senator at one point said “eliminate the rich.” However, after others brought up concerns regarding the video, I examined the footage more carefully and have since determined that the Senator did not say “eliminate the rich.” Rather, he muddled what sounds like a mix of the words “ways” and “waste.”

I would like to formally apologize for misunderstanding and misquoting the senator.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg is not against the presently rich; he is against people becoming rich, lest they become part of his exclusive club. Those who are super-rich, like the senator, are worth millions of dollars. The Senator can afford to live off the $50 Million he has amassed over his 50-year political career and doesn’t need any new income streams. Raising income taxes on the super-rich like Senator Lautenberg would not affect people like the Senator because they have already accumulated their wealth. 

Rather, raising the income tax rate prevents individuals in the middle class from becoming rich like Senator Lautenberg. It does this by taking away their means to become rich and that is by taxing their income.

Senator Lautenberg has been an unfailing member of the class warfare party (i.e. Democrats) for half a century and in that time he has become extremely wealthy on the backs of the middle class. Yet his policies and those of his party have resulted in nothing but the near-complete prevention of middle class Americans achieving the American Dream.  

I challenge Senator Lautenberg to write a check to the U.S. Treasury for $50 million dollars. His Senate salary, together with the Social Security he collects, should be plenty off of which to live. Millions of less fortunate Americans do it every single day. 

In closing, while Senator Lautenberg may not have actually said “eliminate the rich”, by his policies he has prevented untold numbers of hard-working Americans from becoming rich like him. “Preventing” and “eliminating” in this sense, are one and the same.     

Updated Video

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Highlights from Lautenberg and Pallone press conference in Belmar New Jersey 8/17/11

Most of the memorable and outrageous statements from this press conference came from Sen. Lautenberg and not Congressman Frank Pallone. The press conference was about a new bill that they were cosponsoring. The bill would require that local state and federal agencies spend more money to ensure that water testing results are known within 6 hours instead of 24 hours. This bill will cost the federal government $30 million.

Most of the video clips here show Sen. Lautenberg's class warfare, inaccurate rants against Republicans / the tea party, advice on how to stay in office for life, and showing how he is a political elitist and views himself above the everyday person.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Case For Competitive Congressional Districts

By Art Gallagher

Giving credit where it is do, The Asbury Park Press Editorial Board got one right in their recent editorial lamenting the closure of Fort Monmouth’s commissary.  They give a quick summary of the disaster the closure of Fort Monmouth is and how the entire BRAC decision to close the fort was based on faulting economic and home security data.

Fort Monmouth’s closure and the move of its operations to Aberdeen Maryland was a huge waste of money that compromised national security.  An investigative series byAsbury Park Press reporters Bill Bowman and Keith Brown (which is no longer linkable) documented the waste and fraudulent numbers that BRAC gave Congress to justify the closure.

In their editorial, The Asbury Park Press accurately lays the blame:

The closing of the base was based on faulty economic and security research in the first place, and yet even with the facts on their side, Reps Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, along with Sens. Lautenberg and Menendez could not carry the day.

That is largely due to the fact that the faulty economic and security data was uncovered by Bowman and Brown after Congress had already voted to close the fort.  Pallone, Holt, Lautenberg and Menendez didn’t have the juice to uncover that data before or during the BRAC hearings when it might have made a difference.  Worse, the didn’t have the juice needed with their congressional colleagues to keep the fort in New Jersey.  Maryland’s delegation had the juice.

This latest insulting failure is just one in a decades, maybe centuries, long example of ineffective congressional representation from New Jersey.  Not just Pallone, Holt, Lautenberg and Menendez, but most of the delegation. Every two years during congressional elections challengers complain that New Jersey only gets a fraction of the money we send to Washington sent back, but it never changes.  Has there ever been a House Speaker from New Jersey?  Name on U.S. Senator from New Jersey who could be considered a historic figure.

As Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray indicated during his interview on theLaRossa and Gallagher Radio Show two weeks ago, New Jersey Congressmen have little incentive to represent the interests or philosophies of their constituents.  They vote how ever they want and work on, or don’t work on, whatever they want without regard for the good of their constituents because no matter what they do, their jobs are safe.  Historically, gerrymandering as assured that an incumbent member of congress will be reelected time after time except in the rarest or circumstances.

A competitive congressional district map could go a long way to improving the quality of representation New Jersey gets from the people we send to Washington.  Currently, Congressmen face no consequences for failures like the BRACing of Fort Monmouth.  Despite the rants of congressional challengers every two years about the about of money that New Jersey sends to Washington vs the amount of money that comes back, that situation never changes and our representitives have little incentive to work to change it.

If competitive congressional elections were the norm, rather than a rare exception, New Jersey would get better representation and better results.

New Jersey’s Redistricting Commission has a huge opportunity to create an environment that could lead to an major improvement in the quality of our representation in Washington over the next decade.  If past is prelude, the Democrats and Republicans on the commission will spend the process jockeying for influence with the “13th tie breaking” member.  The commission will predictably produce a winning map for one party which will be a losing map for the other party. 

For New Jersey to have a “winning map” would require at least one party to propose a competitive map based upon population and geography only without regard for the residency of incumbents or the historical voting trends of residents, and for the “13th member,” former Attorney General and Acting Governor for ninety minutes, John Farmer Jr, to do the right thing.

Otherwise, it won’t really matter much which party “wins” the redistricting battle.  New Jersey’s representation in Washington will not likely improve if the people will send there have little incentive to work for it.

By the way, Lautenberg and Pallone are scheduled to make a “surprise announcement” in Belmar tomorrow. 

Pray for rain. 

Maybe Lautenberg is announcing his retirement and endorsing Pallone to replace him.  Not likely, but one can hope.

More likely they will announce some legislation they are sponsoring that will probably never become law or some appropriation they are proposing or maybe even secured that will not have nearly postive impact on New Jersey that the negative impact that the closure of Fort Monmouth will have.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lautenberg and Pallone in Belmar

Sen. Lautenberg and Cong. Pallone will be in Belmar at the Taylor Pavillion for a 12pm press conference this coming Wednesday 8/17/11.

There is supposed to be announcing something and having a Q&A with the crowd.

Please let this announcement be that Congressman Frank Pallone is going to announce he is running for US Senate... or that he's retiring and moving to Libya...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frank Pallone eats "home baked treats" as the world burns to the ground

Take a look at some of these shocking and disturbing headlines from the past 2 weeks and then compare them to the actions of Congressman Frank Pallone.

News headlines 

Financial disaster







U.S. Dollar Is The Next Financial Shoe To Drop

Freddie Mac seeks $1.5 billion from taxpayers



England burning to the ground






US helicopter crashed in Taliban trap: Afghan official

Did Biden Out SEAL Team 6?

Inseparable in life and in death: The high school best friends who died together on Navy SEAL rescue mission when helicopter was shot down in 'lucky shot' in Afghanistan


The actions of Congressman Frank Pallone

"Breakfast w/my district interns this morning @ Long Branch office-great future civic leaders. Special thanks to Sarah for home baked treats!"

"Encouraged use of twitter as simplest way to get your message out @ Monmouth Dems meeting, Hazlet"

"Stopped in at grand opening of Evermore Consignment Shop, 2nd+ Main, Asbury Park."

"Watched summer games sponsored by the Deal Sephardic Network @ Monmouth University. Almost 1,000 kids participated!"

- Frank Pallone

Where is the leadership????

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frank Pallone votes with Tea Party freshman on debt ceiling deal!

On 1 August 2011 Congressman Frank Pallone voted with the tea party freshman against the debt ceiling deal!

"Voting no on debt ceiling deal today." - Frank Pallone

Many of the tea party freshman did not support the deal because it had no real plan to fix our out of control deficit. And did not cut wasteful spending from our budget.

The debt ceiling deal allowed the President to borrow an additional 2.5 trillion dollars on the condition that over the next 10 years there will be a cut of 2.5 trillion dollars. Now I'm not saying I'm a mathematical genius but 2.5 trillion - 2.5 trillion = $0 in spending cuts.


Many in the far left criticized those tea party freshman saying statements like. If you don't raise the debt ceiling we will lose our AAA credit rating. And if you don't raise the debt ceiling the stock market will plummet.

The left continue those statements even despite warnings from the S&P saying that there should be approximately a $4 trillion in spending cuts with a significant plan to pay down the $14 trillion debt.

However Frank Pallone's reasons for voting against the debt deal were much different than that of the tea party freshman. After speaking with his office they told me that, "the congressman did not support the deal because the cuts were too drastic!" - Frank Pallone staffer

You see Frank Pallone 2.5 trillion - 2.5 trillion = $0 in spending cuts  there was no real spending cuts in this deal. And even if there was that is what's needed! We are losing our credit rating because we can't control our spending! The S&P warned us that we needed approximately $4 trillion in spending cuts but you Frank Pallone refuse to make any!

Friday, August 5, 2011


On Wall Street, stocks dropped as the government released its July jobs report showing the economy added 117,000 jobs. The cause for the drop to 9.1% however, was discouraged workers who have now fallen off of the unemployment figures in near record numbers.

With jobs in scarce supply, nearly 200,000 workers dropped out of the labor force last month. The percentage of civilians who have or want a job fell to 63.9%, the lowest level since 1984.

The economy is now seen growing around 2% or less in 2011, down from prior projections of as much as 3%. Few expect the jobless rate to fall much from its current level of 9.1%, meaning that many of the nation’s 13.9 million unemployed are unlikely to find work. Almost 45% have been without a job for at least six months.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea Party Impact on Debt Ceiling Plan Lauded by Bayshore Activist

Red Bank Patch did a great story on the debt deal and the Bayshore Tea Party Group 

As Congressional Republicans and Democrats struggled to reach a compromise between plans to raise the debt ceiling while still cutting spending, a familiar refrain echoed from freshman members representing the Tea Party and their constituents: there should be no compromise on increased spending.

Keep reading here

Monday, August 1, 2011

Frank Pallone "whatever the president does"


It's not just Obamas mess it's Frank Pallones mess too!

“the congressman is with the president and supports whatever the president does" - Frank Pallone staff member


11th District Legislative Office to Hold Mobile Office Hours in Long Branch

The office of Senator Sean Kean, Assembly Republican Whip Dave Rible, and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini will hold mobile office hours at the Long Branch Public Library next Wednesday, August 3rd. By bringing legislative resources to the public, the legislators seek to make government more accessible to their constituents.


Mobile office hours will be held at the Long Branch Public Library on Wednesday, August 3rd and will take place between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.   


For more information please call the 11th District Legislative Office at 732-974-1719.