Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our commentary on Obamas “jobs" speech

As with all of his grandiose initiatives Obama always sets up the stage that whenever he is proposing has to be passed right away and if not the world will come crashing to an end. He creates a false urgency. Like his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said “never let a good crisis go to waste” and if you don't have a good crisis then make one, or agitate one, or make something seem worse than it is.

Obama " We used to be a country where hard work paid off” How about you stop taxing people for working hard!

Obama “everything in this bill will be paid for”. Yeah probably with lots of new tax increases on hard-working families

!t's been 15 min. and he's already said “you need to pass this right away” 12 times

Obama “pass this jobs bill sleek and start rebuilding America”. Wasn't that what the stimulus bill was for? Oh wait a minute only 3% actually went to bridges and roads.

Obama “the plan also extends unemployment insurance for another year” He just keeps on extending and extending it going on for 3 years.

So Obama wants Congress to find cuts to balance the addition of his jobs bill. Way to go to give up on the hard choices Mr. Pres.

When Obama says he wants everyone to pay their fair share, he really means take it from hard-working families

Obama “stop giving tax breaks to oil companies” GE paid $0 in taxes

Obama “I want to see made in America” how about we don't have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and then we can see made in America

Obama “some of you have a different philosophy and believe that we have to cut government spending and regulation to create jobs” Obama you're spending hasn't worked!

So what Obama basically just said, is that we are a nation of government not of individuals and that, that is our history.

Obama “where we have been if Congress didn't fund research to make computer chips” I don't think Steve Jobs got any gov funding

Obama “I'll pretend this plan will solve all of our problems” you right it probably won't solve any

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