Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

"House Republican Ldrshp tryng 2 drail financial rform undr guise that DC is supposd 2 serv the banks,not the consumers." - Frank Pallone

The hypocrisy meter is off the charts once again. Frank Pallone is saying he's for "the little guy" and the consumers when in reality it is the exact opposite! The so-called financial reform bill does more damage and takes away more freedoms than the healthcare bill! The financial reform bill gives the federal government the power to control any business that gives credit to their customers! But on top of that it also creates the “Office of Financial Research” a national database for the collection of YOUR personal bank account, loan, and other financial information.

Frank Pallone always likes to say he is against big corporations and big banks but yet the financial reform bill creates a permanent bailout fund for these big corporations and banks that he is supposedly against.

The financial reform bill takes away freedom from you the consumer and gives it to big government, big banks, and big labor. If you would like to find out more about the horrors of the financial reform bill here is a great article.


Monday, December 27, 2010

The true cost of Pallone's Cap and Trade

Obvious to us all with the 2 to 3 feet of snow that we received over the past two days, we have a serious global warming problem (not really). But luckily Frank Pallone help mastermind and voted for the Cap and Trade Bill that passed the House last March. Pallone has a chairmanship on the House committee on Energy and Commerce, the committee where the Cap and Trade legislation originated from.

Frank Pallone and other backers of the bill state it will reduce greenhouse gases emissions in the US by 15%. But in reality it is only a money maker for the Chicago Climate Exchange and Goldman Sachs. It's not that the Chicago Climate Exchange and Goldman Sachs are making an unfair profit because of this legislation. The real issue is that it will cost the average American family approximately $1500 more a year for the same goods and services they are purchasing now.

Frank Pallone always tells us he's for the little guy and the middle-class family, but yet here is another example where you have to watch what he does and not what he says.

If you want to find out how much Frank Pallone's Cap and Crade bill will cost you click here a Household Cap-and-Trade Burden Calculator

As you can see there is a serious global warming problem. LoL

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be back on Monday nigh

Taking a day off, will have a new post up by Monday night. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where is Frank Pallone and his family?

Where is Frank Pallone and his family? More importantly where do they reside? New Jersey or the Washington DC area? Frank Pallone's New Jersey address is 1187 Ocean Ave Long Branch, NJ 07740. But the question is; is he a Jersey guy or a Washington DC beltway guy. We all know that Frank Pallone spends almost all of his time down in DC, except for when he's campaigning of course. But what about his family?

In 2008 Frank Pallone hooked up his wife Sarah Pallone with the real cushy job at the EPA making over $144,000 a year. So since 2008 both Frank Pallone and his wife Sarah Pallone have been working in Washington DC. To the best of my knowledge, Frank Pallone's children don't go to school in the 6th District. And for a fact they do not attend school in the Long Branch public school system.
It brings up the question if Frank Pallone really does not live in the district how can he truly know what's going on and properly represent us.

Also it brings up the question how does the Pallone family decorate there house for Christmas. Answer: they do not decorate their house. Here is a photo taken this evening of their house, notice how there is not one single Christmas decoration or for that matter a sign of anyone living there.

Maybe Pallone just wants to fit in with the other homes in his neighborhood and not decorate. However that is not the case here is a photo of one of Frank Pallone's neighbors homes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

"Make it in America Agenda highlighted in today's Asbury Park Press article about promoting manufacturing in New Jersey." -Frank Pallone

Since October Frank Pallone has been touting this "Make it in America Agenda". But what exactly is the Make it in America Agenda"? I call his district office in Long Branch, but they didn't know they referred me to the DC office. Once I called the DC office I was put on hold for a decent amount of time before they could find someone "qualified" to answer my question: "What exactly is the Make it in America Agenda?" Finally after waiting the "expert" gave me an extremely vague answer, saying it was about making things in America. When I pressed him for more details he told me there was no actual bill, but the closest thing is the Cap & Trade bill. And in addition to the Cap & Trade bill there needed to be more regulations and government insight in the manufacturing sector. When I asked him how this would create jobs in America, he told me we will manufacture solar panels and other green products. (Because that worked so good in Spain, when they transferred their economy into a green jobs economy.)

What does Frank Pallone use as examples for the "Make it in America Agenda"? At the Somerset County Democrats dinner in October, Pallone referred to China and European countries as examples. What do both of those examples have in common? Communism, Socialism, and "a national manufacturing base." In fact later that evening Pallone use those exact words, he stated "That we needed to have a strong national manufacturing base". 

It wasn't good enough for Frank Pallone to take control of the healthcare industry, the financial service industry, student loan industry, and the auto industry; but now Frank Pallone wants to control the entire manufacturing industry (or what's left of it) here in the US!


PS I love how the left always gives positive and caring names to some of the most disruptive and uncaring legislation. Example the food safety bill, financial reform bill, and now the "Make it in America Agenda".


The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom

Great article in the Wall Street Journal on the FCC's plan takeover of the Internet. And sadly our Congressman Frank I want more power Pallone is right behind them backing it! Here is the link

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Frank Pallone votes to raise taxes on middle class families

On Thursday night, December 16 Frank Pallone voted to raise taxes on hard-working middle-class families! Not only did Frank Pallone vote to raise taxes on middle-class families he also voted to raise taxes on those making only $8,500 a year!  Frank Pallone tells us he's fighting for the middle class but yet he voted to raise their taxes in this troubling economic time, when we need our hard earned money the most to provide for our families! On those making under $26,000 a year Frank Pallone voted to raise your taxes from 10% to 15%. On those making $26,000 to $34,000 a year strength alone voted to raise your taxes from 15% to 28% a year. On those making between $34,000 to $82,000 a year Frank Pallone to raise your taxes from 25% to 31% a year.

Frank Pallone watch what he does not what he says! Frank Pallone tells us ease for the middle-class but yet he votes to raise their taxes in a time when they need their hard-earned money the most to provide for their families!

Frank Pallone in trouble with the FCC

From are friends @ More Monmouth Musings


By Art Gallagher

The Federal Election Commission is requiring that Pallone for Congress amend its 30 Day Post General disclosure, to address discrepancies with previously filed reports and apparent inaccuracies in the reporting the aggregate contributions of two donors during the 2010 election cycle.

Pallone has until January 18, 2011 to submit the amended report, and any other reports that must be corrected as a result of the errors.

During the 2010 election cycle, Pallone raised $2,247,629.82 and spent $1,951,239.11.  He had $3,229,847.56 on hand on November 22, according to his post general report.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frank Pallone spending like Paris Hilton on a shopping spree!

Frank Pallone still doesn't get it! After the country overwhelmingly rejected out-of-control spending and crushing debt Frank Pallone still continues to spend. But this time it's worse, Pallone is spending money like Paris Hilton on a shopping spree! A drunken shopping spree I might add! It is not even 2011 yet, but Frank I spend your money Pallone has already requested over $11,000,000in wasteful earmark spending alone! When our national debt is teetering on $14 trillion and are unfunded liabilities are over $100 trillion Frank Pallone continues to mortgage our childrens and grandchildren's future!

 To learn more on Pallone's earmarks click here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweets of the day

Over the past few days Frank Pallone has been tweeting up a storm! He's making sure he's covering all of his bases this week: being hypocritical, redistributing people's money, and playing politics with our national defense.


Take there money!!

"Prez tax bill estate tax provo is a boondoggle to benefit 6600 families. It should be changed to House passed language" -Frank Pallone

 Frank Pallone is outraged over the fact when someone dies the government doesn't get a portion (of the already taxed money) of their hard earned savings that they're leaving behind for their family. As of now, if you die after January 1, 2011 and if you leave behind either in a savings account, the value of your home,the value of your possessions, in the value of your family business, or anything equal in $500,000 or more in value the government will get 50% of what you leave behind! Keep in mind this is already taxed money, they're taxing it a second time! Frank Pallone wants to make sure  the government will get 50% of what you leave behind to your family. 


Talk the talk, but not walking the walk!

"Thanks to State Senate for taking on big oil. Passed bill forcing oil companies to pay full cost of clean up in NJ waters." -Frank Pallone

If you didn't know Frank Pallone is, a senior member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce with oversight jurisdiction over exploration, production, storage, supply, marketing, pricing, and regulation of energy resources, including all fossil fuels. Back in April there was the horrific BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that killed 11 people, cause billions of dollars in damage, and greatly damaged the environment in the Gulf. But yet Frank Pallone's committee was warmed about the problems that were occurring on the BP rig back in February and did nothing! When it was Pallone jobs, and his duty to oversight and to enforce regulations for our safety Pallone failed to act!


Political games and our military!

"House passes #dadt (don't ask don't tell) repeal. A step fwd on equality 4 gay Americans in military. History will judge those who tried 2 block passage on this." -Frank Pallone

When the last thing we need is to bring controversy within our military Frank Pallone is right there causing it. Don't ask don't tell was made law for a reason, it was and is to keep unity, trust, and camaraderie within the ranks of our military. It has done it's job, but yet Frank Pallone wants to get rid of it. Servicemen and women have voiced they want to keep it. So instead of listening to those who it would affect Frank Pallone is deciding to play political games with those in our military.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They want power over the internet!

The FCC is attempting to annex the Internet through public spirited sounding regulation.  Net Neutrality is presumably meant to protect consumers' rights to know by assuring that large broadband providers don't block certain programing.  This enables an "open platform for innovation investment, competition and free expression."   The only catch is we already have all of that. 

Now, the minute you hear this government claiming to act in the name of consumer protection, the consumer better beware.  In the "Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010"  (Finance Reform,) the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection is formed for 'consumer protection.'  Part of that protection involved Congress granting the Bureau warrantless access to all electronic transactions of any American by simply ordering your bank to provide the records.  Their 'protection'  further extends the Bureau the right to collect your data, create a profile and share that information with a financial firm of their choosing.  This is now the law.                               

The only purpose the FCC can serve in regulating the Internet is to control what is distributed to whom. It's a small step from there to imagine sites the government deems "inflamatory" being shut down.

The FCC is preparing to vote on Net Neutrality on December 21.  The vote was postponed from earlier this month in response to some pushback by the two Democratic Commissioners.  Logic suggests that Chairman Genachowski now has the votes to pass the regulation.  The Board consists of two Republican Commisisoners, two Democratic Commissioners and the Democratic Chairman. 

Even though these are regulations passed down through the executive branch, we do have some Congressional options.  The USC establishes that the Internet is to be free of Federal regulation.

United States Code
Title 47, Section 230 of the USC covers Congress finding regarding the Internet.  In Paragraph (b) Sub section (2), the law clearly states 
"It is the policy of the United States to preserve the vibrant and competitive free market that presently exists for the Internet and other interactive computer services, unfettered by Federal or State regulation;"

Please contact your Representatives and Senators and tell them to contact the FCC board members and tell them to reject any Internet oversight or regulation by the Federal government.  We do not want so-called, "Net Neutrality."

FCC Info and Commissioners

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington DC 20554
Phone: 1888 225-5322

Julius Genachowski, Chairman (D) 202 418-1000
Michael J. Copps, Commissioner (D)  202 418-2000
Robert M. McDowell, Commissioner (R) 202 418-2200
Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner (D) 202 418-2100
Meredith Atwell Baker, Commissioner (R) 202 418-2400

Monday, December 13, 2010

Good news and bad news on Pallone Care aka Obama Care

Today there is both good and bad news on Pallone Care aka Obama Care! We'll start with the bad news first. Not only does Frank Pallone's bill tax wheelchairs and walkers, but it also drastically cuts funding to children's hospitals! You can read the full story on the Examiner.

The good news is a Federal judge in Virginia ruled that Pallone Care is unconstitutional! This is a huge step in repealing this disgrace of the law! To find out more you can read this article on Yahoo! News.


Frank Pallone loving them illegals

Yesterday Frank Pallone was very pleased that Rutgers University honored organizers of illegal immigrants. While millions of Americans are out of work it is an outrage that illegals are taking jobs away from those citizens who truly need them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

Today Frank Pallone Tweeted about a problem he help make!

"Wish the Senate could be more like the House by permanently passing Medicare doctor fix - in the meantime, year-long extension will do." -Frank Pallone

Yet it was Pallone's health care law that made the problem to start!

"Answer: The "doctors fix" (which would eliminate years of scheduled pay cuts for Medicare doctors) is not in the final health care plan" - CNN News
 Let's not forget that it is Frank Pallone's law!

Frank Pallone, higher taxes for all

Today it was sad to see that Frank Pallone put Nancy Pelosi over us, here in NJ.

On Dec. 9 The House Democratic voted to reject the tax deal negotiated between the White House and Senate Republicans.

The vote will cause your taxes to go up if you make $20,000 or $275,000. So if you make $20,000 a year, you would pay an extra $1,000 a year! That is more then half of you cost of gas if you drive the average 12,500 miles a year!

Frank Pallone is not standing up for the little guy, but he is standing with Nancy Pelosi!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is Pallone DREAMing

Last night Pallone voted for the DREAM Act! What is the DREAM Act? Well in 3 words: giving illegals citizenship!

Here is more from our friends @ Save Jersey Blog

By Alyssa Canobbio


Once upon a time, New Jersey had Governor who thought it would be a great idea to allow illegal aliens in the our state to get drivers licenses, receive in state tuition, among a host of other things. I was livid when this came around, and as far as I know possibly still around. I think our lovely Governor at the time either missed the memo or over looked it but the key word is ILLEGAL.

Now  the federal government wants to this DREAM Act to become a federal law that will allow illegal aliens to receive in state tuition. Well at least the older version of the bill did. The DREAM Act is also a bi-partisian bill created by Sen. Orin Hatch [R-UT] and Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL] that can [stop the] “…hemorrhaging injustice in our society. Under the rigorous provisions of the DREAM Act, qualifying undocumented youth would be eligible for a 6 year long conditional path to citizenship that requires completion of a college degree or two years of military service.” (taken from the

I’m sorry did we all miss the part were it said undocumented youth? Undocumented. Ya know, uhm, illegal. I have a huge problem with a completion of two years of military service, that to me is a huge national security risk. And of course community colleges loved this idea of in-state tuition, more money for them. I get it, community college is a business and a business needs to make money in order to survive.

Yesterday the House voted on the DREAM act and it passed with 216-198. Thank you to the 38 Democrats who voted against this measure. And to the 8 Republicans who voted for it, I am disappointed.   The act now goes to the Senate and hopefully this will fail. Allowing illegal aliens to partake in any part of this act is allowing  for a new wave of illegals to just enter the country freely.  Some of the illegal immigrants  that come here do partake in drug trafficking and other forms of criminal behavior.

So are politicians really that okay with welcoming illegal aliens into our country? Or are they to afraid to offend a voter block? Who’s American DREAM is this really?

To read more about the DREAM Act, please visit the following links: (a website dedicated to lowering immigration numbers)

The Dream Act Portal: (this is the website where I got the quote from)

House Roll Call from yesterday’s voting session on the matter:


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Frank Pallone and his war on jobs

It seems that Frank Pallone has a war on jobs. No, not to make jobs, but to end them in the USA. It seems that Pallone's mission is to find everybody that provides jobs out side of the government and make there life as hard as possible! Today Pallone tweeted

"Wish I could make it to @gaslandmovie tonight @ 9pm in Deal. Director explores why nat. gas drilling aka fracking is bad for human health." -Frank Pallone

So whats so bad about natural gas? Maybe its the fact that the natural gas industry employed 622,000 people directly in 2008 and helped create 3 to 4 Million American jobs!  

Maybe its the fact that the natural gas industry could create 280,000 new American jobs and add $6 billion in new tax revenues to local, state and federal governments over the next decade if the Marcellus Shale region is developed

Maybe its the fact that the natural gas industry has high paying jobs!

Maybe its the fact that the natural gas industry in 2008, payed $7.2 billion to the U.S. treasury for royalties, rents and bonuses from natural gas development and production.  

Maybe its the fact that the natural gas industry in 2008 payed $1.4 billion to state governments from natural gas companies. from royalties and other payments from the natural gas and oil industries. 

Maybe its the fact that the natural gas is cleaner and gives off a lower amount of CO2 then oil and coal.


PS  If Mr. Pallone cared so much about safety why did Frank Pallone, after receiving a campaign contribution from CEOs of ReGen Biologics used his position of political power to pressure and influence the FDA to approve an unsafe and dangerous surgically implanted patch for injured knees. Find out more about this story here


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Demise of the Paper Tiger

By: Ernesto Cullari


At one time President Jimmy Carter was the most powerful man in the World. I was only a child when I watched night-after-night


on T.V as this impotent passive-aggressive man, allowed our nation whose responsibility it remains to lead the free World, to


whimper into the mold of a paper tiger. For 444 days 52 Americans were held hostage at the U.S Embassy in Iran. For 444 days


Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists controlled sovereign American soil. 



America’s reputation has never recovered from Jimmy Carter’s inability to fight for American territory. His unwillingness to defend


America’s reputation through the appropriate use of overwhelming force has rallied terrorists and America’s enemies alike.


Osama Bin Laden once stated that he was inspirited by America’s history of half-hearted military responses to attacks on U.S


interests. Despite our unmatched technological and military might, and the fighting spirit of the American people, Bin Laden did


not fear us, because those that would lead us did not have the character to be decisive. What good is deterrence power in the


hands of a dud? 



Likewise, President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to stem the flow of America’s Classified and Secret information from being


released through Wikileaks has served to feed the ambitions of those that currently seek to crush this nation. Moreover, among


America’s enemies, Obama’s ineffectiveness as a Commander in Chief, as exemplified by his painfully slow response following


the first leak of data on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has enabled Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange to be elevated in stature


to that of a Cyber-Bin Laden. And like Osama Bin Laden, Assange has become a folk hero to our adversaries. 



The handling of Osama Bin Laden both prior to and following the attacks on September 11th and the handling of Assange prior to


and following the first release of sensitive American military intelligence are startlingly similar. Bill Clinton had the opportunity to


kill Bin Laden or capture him when he was offered up by a third party nation and Clinton declined. While Assanges’ whereabouts


where unknown, a “mass denial of service” attack could have been launched by American military hackers, on the servers


carrying the sensitive military data. Instead, such an attack on Assange’s Wikileaks was actually carried out by a vigilante hacker


named ‘Jester’.



Democrat Presidents are not the only Presidents to crumple into paper tigers, George W. Bush had the opportunity to kill Bin


Laden, when he was pinned down in Tora Bora, but Bush (according to the accounts of Special Ops leaders who were tasked


with killing Bin Laden) lacked the resolve to use nuclear force to finish the job. Due to failures in leadership, both Osama Bin


Laden and Julian Assange remain figures that can both carry out attacks on American interests and inspire others to attack


America with impunity.



The patriotic hacker known as Jester has much in common with Ross Perot. During the protracted hostage crisis with Iran,


Iranian militiamen imprisoned two of Perot’s employees and they were held in a fortified prison. Perot saw how incapable Jimmy


Carter was as a Commander in Chief. Armed with American resolve and creativity, Ross Perot hired Bull Simmons, a former


Special Operations commando, to lead a rescue mission to retrieve his two employees. 



Perot, unlike so many litigious bureaucrats that have come to hold leadership positions in both our military and government,


didn’t watch the rescue from the sidelines -he actually participated. He wasn’t concerned with his legacy, the legal minutia or the


political fallout. His decisiveness and bravery paid off. Without firing a single shot, Ross Perot, Bull Simmons and a team of


Perot’s employees (who were trained for this occasion by Simmons to be hostage rescuers) tricked Iranian terrorists into opening


the front gates to the prison. Both hostages were taken to safety. 



Once again America is being attacked and our leadership is wavering. Assange is no more a truth crusader than Bin Laden is a


freedom fighter. Julian Assange had the opportunity to conceal the names of Afghan civilians that were helping U.S forces on the


ground and he didn’t. He willfully endangered the lives of Afghans who were desperately trying to defeat a radical Islamic


theocracy in their country. Ross Perot and the Jester have shown that it doesn’t take a nuclear arsenal or the mightiest military in


the World to take on a vicious enemy, it only takes the character and the will to fight for victory. 


A nation that cannot guard its borders is not sovereign. A state that cannot guard her secrets will not maintain the trust of her


allies. Americans must decide now, will we be demure house cats, quick to swat with our soft paws those that would devour us or


will we tear the Bin Ladens, the Hugo Chavezs, the Ahmadinejads, the Kim Jong-ils and the Assanges of the World limb from


limb? I hear the crisp sound of paper being crumpled.    



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

Obama got it right yesterday in speech about need "to do what Americans have always been known for: building, innovating, making things." - Frank Pallone   
Yet the laws Pallone backs: ObamaCare aka PalloneCare & Cap and Trade kill: building, innovating, and making things.

Pallone tells us he wants more jobs in the USA. Pallone tells us he wants more things to be made in the USA. Pallone tells us he's for the little guy. But ObamaCare aka PalloneCare & Cap and Trade kills small business, send jobs over seas and put the thumb of the government on the little guy!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sad Story Continues At Fort Hancock thanks to Frank Pallone

From are friends @ More Monmouth Musings
By Art Gallagher

In their editorial today, Sad chapter ends at fort, the Asbury Park Press editorial board demonstrates that their grasp of reality is insufficient for a newspaper of record for the Monmouth-Ocean region.
The press rehashes the sorry history of  Sandy Hook Partners’ failed plans to redevelop Fort Hancock. They fault the National Park Service for granting the developer nine years of extensions to obtain financing for the redevelopment plans.  They fail to mention that SHP’s ability to finance the project was thwarted by litigation and grassroots opposition to the commercialization of the park.  The litigation and opposition was supported by the APP and by Congressman Frank Pallone.
Now the APP says,
Fort Hancock must be preserved for future generations. In order for that to happen, a developer or developers with both the money and sound plans need to be found. The park service would do well to heed the suggestion by Reps. Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, both D-N.J., that the historic buildings be leased to entities one by one, rather than as a package.
Clearly, neither the Neptune Nudniks nor the Congressmen have even an elementary understanding of how development works.
Where does Pallone, Holt and the APP think the Park Service will find a developer, or developers, with an extra $60-$100 million sitting in the bank who would be willing to commit it to Fort Hancock after what Sandy Hook Partners went through? James Wassel, the head of SHP is no slouch.  His experience and personal committment to our community made him the right developer, if a public-private partnership was the best method to redevelop the fort.
Private partners were, and apparently still are, sought because federal dollars are not available to rehabilitate the park.  Said another way, Frank Pallone, Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez (and Jon Corzine, as U.S. Senator before Menedez) either did not have the clout or commiment to secure federal funding to rehabilitate Fort Hancock.
The Pallone/Holt/APP idea of leasing the 36 buildings of the fort one by one, to non-profits, rather than as a package, is crazy.  Even if 36 organizations “with both money and sound plans” on hand could be found, managing 36 separate projects with 36 separate project managers is not feasible.
Wassel’s plan to “commercialise” Sandy Hook would not have turned the park into Times Square or the Monmouth Mall.  He would have developed the fort into aneducational and cultural campus.
As a neighbor of and frequent visitor to Sandy Hook, I never understood how Wassel’s plans would have been commercially viable or returned the investment required for the rehabilitation, given the location and climate of the site.  Yet, I supported the plan because the proposed usage would have been an enhancement of the park.  If private investors or lenders were willing to risk their capital on a project that enhanced the park while giving the National Park Service control of what could be done with the site in the event of failure, there was no downside for the public.  Yes, I read the master lease.  The public was protected from turning Fort Hancock into an amusement park or shopping mall.
Now that Wassel’s is out of the picture, it is incumbent upon our federal representitives to secure funding to preserve the fort.  Failing that, the Park Service should fence it off and install Keep Out-Hazardous signs like there has been for most of the fort’s ruins for decades. 
Alternatively, the Park Service should either level the buildings and convert the land to a recreational use like a marina and camp ground.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks to Frank Pallone for more unemployment

The new employment numbers are in and it looks like ‘tisn’t the season to be jolly. 9.8% of Americans are unemployed. US unemployment once again rose, despite QE2 and the predictions of many economists. For 19 consecutive months the US has had unemployment over 9%. This is the longest stretch with unemployment this high since... I have been alive.

Yet on 12/2/10 Frank Pallone voted to give Americans a massive tax increase on New Year’s Day. This massive tax increase will also hit small businesses as well. Lets not forget Frank Pallone hooked his wife up with a $144,000+ per year government job AND Frank Pallone also got his father (who's about 80 years old) a $72,000+ year job at the Department LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY!! And its a part time job as well!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

SEIU to drop Healthcare for Union Worker's Children

From James Hogan committee man in Long Branch who did a lot of work in Long Branch and almost made it a Little win!

WSJ has the story The irony being of course the SEIU/Obama connection.

Sometimes, it's just terrible when people get what they ask for. With a little luck, the future will allow these people to have access to real affordable healthcare and bring real Change to the system.

As a personal note -- premiums for a traditional plan offered through my employer have increased dramatically, almost to the point of being unfordable for most of the employees. I will admit, the alternative plan serves me, the single employee, well -- but it leaves most of my coworkers with a wife and kids to the mercy of HUGE, multi-thousand dollar ($2500+) deductibles. The warning to us was "we're lucky to renew this year, not after January" -- hopefully real Change happens before we have to renew again next year.

Frank Pallone hasn't had a town-hall to talk about his great bill since people have received their premium increase notices, I suspect Mr. Pallone will explain that paying more for less is "better".

Did Pallone lie about getting us a $400 million Coastal Jobs bill?

From our friends at More Monmouth Musings
By Art Gallagher
Remember back in September when Frank Pallone held a press conference in Keyport to announce the $400 million he was bringing home to the bayshore with the Coastal Jobs Creation Act?  The Asbury Park Press covered it as if it were a done deal and Pallone was a hero.
In August Pallone told the NY Post’s Ken Moran that the bill would fund New Jersey’s recreational fishing registry, thereby preventing fisherman to have to pay a federal fee of $15-25 per year to fish in saltwater off New Jersey.
Well, here we are in December and there has been no movement on Pallone's bill since July, two months before his press conference that impressed the Neptune Nudniks so much.
But the federal fee is coming, unless the New Jersey Senate passes S-1122, the companion version of which has already been passed by the Assembly, according to anAsbury Park Press piece that failed to mention the Pallone connection.
S1122, which is sponsored by Senators Jennifer Beck and Jeff Van Drew, would require the NJ DEP to set up a free state registery for recreational fisherman and to apply for “exempted state designation” so that NJ fisherman would not have to participate in or pay for the federal program. S1122 also allows the state to impose a state saltwater recreational fishing license, which is currently prohibited.
According the the NJ Recreational Fishing Alliance, the bill has strong bi-partisan support, but Senator Robert Smith, D-Middlesex, Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee won’t release the bill for a vote by the full Senate because the DEP does not want to create the state registery.
RFA makes their case for the bill, including an ecomomic impact analysis here.