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Ride Frank ride!!

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Communist for Pallone!!!!!

Read how the Communist love Pallone here

A Common Sense Election

The American dream has never been more distant. The divide between being creative, entrepreneurial and reaping a reward for your hard work has never been greater. It feels like times have quickly changed for the worse. One thing is clear, job losses are rampant and our economic forecast is about to get cloudier in the new year when the Bush tax cuts (that we have all benefited from) expire. The Democrat agenda of big government, big spending and punitive taxation is a historical failure and nearly all of us know someone who has been hurt by it. It’s time to stop blaming Bush. It’s time to hold our current legislators accountable for their defect spending votes, which have driven our economy off a cliff and into an abyss of mass unemployment and pervasive financial despair.
The largest tax increase in American history is on its way. The people responsible for it are still in power. The agenda of Rush Holt, Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi is too burdensome, it’s too costly and common sense tells you that it’s time to get rid of them and try something old, before it’s too late.

That’s right I said old. It’s time once again for commonsensical small government conservatism. Ronald Reagan once said, “We’ve tried spending our way to prosperity for more than four decades and it hasn’t worked. . .. Twice in this century, in the 1920’s and in the early 60’s we cut taxes substantially and the stimulant to the economy was substantial and immediate.” Reagan was right. He cut taxes substantially and up until recently we have been enjoying the prosperity that has flowed from his wise choice. That choice is yours once again. 
In local elections do you always vote Democrat? Look around you. This election isn’t about political loyalties. This is about survival. 76% of you know someone who is looking for a job, according to Rasmussen Reports. Maybe you are out of work yourself or you had to take a job that you thought you’d never have to take again, just to make ends meet. You feel you’ve paid your dues and yet the poor political decisions made by an elite few have you starting at the bottom again. Democrats like Rush Holt and Frank Pallone have had total power over the federal government and yet they have been a complete failure.

Your vote for Anna Little or Scott Sipprelle is a vote against this political establishment. It is a vote against cronyism and special interest groups. It is a vote for small commonsensical government. In a conservative government maintaining individual liberty is of special interest.     
17% percent of people in our community are under-employed. 1 in 10 among us are unemployed, despite an intrusive federal government. This election is about betrayal. Our representatives in Congress have betrayed us with their big government idealism that has favored: Wall Street bailouts, a trillion dollar stimulus bill, a trillion dollar overthrow of private healthcare, a trillion dollar omnibus bill, the complete nationalization of the student loan industry, federal funding for abortions. In total since Nancy Pelosi, Frank Pallone and Rush Holt have betrayed us to the tune of 5 trillion dollars since they took control of Congress.

So as you can see this isn’t just another election. This isn’t simply about Democrat or Republican. This is about common sense. Will you put back in office the very fools that have driven us to financial ruin or will you look back to better days, the days of small government Reagan Conservatism? Common sense tells me that Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle will be our next representatives in Congress.     

Written by Ernesto Cullari

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pallones now backing Anna Little

It looks like Mr. Pallone is now backing Anna Little!!
Mr. Pallones house at 1187 Ocean Ave Long Branch

How would Anna fix Pallone care

How would Anna fix Pallone care?? Anna Little sits down with Ernesto Cullari from the triCityNews and gets her take on how would she would fix Pallone care.

Where is the health care page?????

"This is my bill" Pallone has taken the health care section off from the On The Issues page of his website. I think Mr Pallone see's no one likes his bill! You can read more here at More Monmouth Musings or the Examiner

Could this be why???

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frank Pallone does not pay his medical bills.

Breaking News
Despite the congressional salary that Frank Pallone leeches off the taxpayers to a tune of $174,000 plus an additional $144,000+ his wife collects in the form of a bogus government job and we can’t forget about the $73,000+ Pallone got for his father in the state. But apparently Frank Pallone does not pay his medical bills.
Listen to the shocking revelation below documenting how Frank Pallone is pulling the medical version of a, “Dine and Dash” on local doctors. Mr Pallone is not paying his medical bills. He is in collections for not paying his medical bills at KBT Optical Shoppe in Ocean NJ. 
More to come...

I can't do math round 2

There is a new poll out by our good friends at the Monmouth University the poll shows Democrat Frank Pallone getting 52 percent of the vote to Republican Anna Little's 47 percent among likely voters. The poll show Franky up by 5 points. But the AP can't do 52-47 that equals 5. The AP thinks 52-47 equals 7 not 5.

But thats not all our good friends at the Monmouth University called %51 democrats when the district only has about %35 democrats.
see here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Up coming October surprise #1 for Mr Pallone!

Everyone stay tuned for tomorrow afternoon. We will be releasing an October surprise for Mr Pallone!

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

Frank Pallone:
"Honored by Planned Parenthood on their 75th Anniv."
It's funny how when Pallone first got in it was by being backed NJ Right to life. Flip flopper!! 


Come meet candidate Anna Little AND Congressman Scott Garrett for a great with and breakfast!

WHO:            Congressional Candidate Anna Little and Congressman Garrett

WHAT:          Meet and Greet with breakfast

WHERE:       Peterpank Diner 967 Route 9 Sayerville, NJ 08872

WHEN:          Monday, October 25, 2010 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

DONATION:  $25.00

Extremist Pallone

Earlier this week Frank Pallone launched a TV ad stating that Anna Little was an extremist and that her policies were too extreme. When in fact it is Mr. Pallone's policies that are too extreme!
* Healthcare reform
* Cap & trade
* His national Manufacturing plan
* The bail outs
* Aspects of the financial reform bill

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frank Pallone's Tweet of the day

Today on Twitter Frank told us
 Edison Diwali celebration at Akbar rest. Lots of kids, dancing and Bollywood music. Festival of light is one of the happiest Indian holidays
You see there is just one small problem, the Edison Diwali celebration was not today. In fact it is tomorrow.  How do you comment on something that has not happened yet, Frank?????

Friday, October 22, 2010

You can run Frank, but you can't hide

 On October 20th, 2010, 22-year incumbent Congressman, Frank Pallone, abruptly cancelled a scheduled debate appearance with his Republican challenger, Anna Little.  A mysterious "scheduling conflict" was the only explanation offered by the Congressman's staff.  Rather than defending "his bill" in front of 200 constituents, including dozens of doctors and other medical professionals, Frank Pallone retreated to what he thought was the friendly confines of an Ocean Township Democratic Club meet and greet. Anna's "DoLittle Raiders" had other ideas.   

This is the sight Frank Pallone saw when leaving his meet & greet!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frank Pallone on Twitter

Middlesex Boro Fall Festival w/ Councilman Ron DiMura Council Cand Sean Kaplan. Try eating donuts hanging from a string & pumpkin roll.

Anna Little hits HCR issue in advance of second debate

By Terry Hurlbut
October 19th, 2010 1:57 pm ET

As yet another nationwide firm changed its healthcare benefits policies, Highlands Mayor Anna C. Little, Republican challenger in the 6th District, issued a fresh criticism of the massive healthcare reform act, as she prepares for a second debate with her opponent, incumbent Representative Frank J. Pallone (D-NJ-6)
On October 18, Boeing, the nation's largest defense contractor and builder of commercial airliners, asked their 90,000 non-union workers to pay higher health-insurance premiums and satisfy higher deductibles. (Union employees are not affected.)
We said from the beginning, that if this monstrosity passed, companies would be forced to make a hard choice between dropping coverage for their employees or raising their employees' contributions to their benefits. Yesterday, Boeing announced that it is joining the long and growing list of companies that is already beginning to curtail benefits for its employees - in this case, for their 90,000 non-union employees.
The government takeover of healthcare—"Pallonecare," in honor of his declaration that "This is not Obama's bill. This isn't Nancy Pelosi's bill. It's my bill"—was wrong on several fronts. It is bad medicine, and it is bad for business. And I cannot for the life of me understand why our Representative would think it was a good thing to raise the cost of doing business at a time when we're trying to dig our way out of a jobless recovery.
(Pallone did indeed say that, and the organization called Freedom's Defense Fund has a video of him saying it.)
Stephen Moore, editorialist for The Wall Street Journal, suggested one possible reason today on Megyn Kelley's America Live program (Fox News Channel). Moore said that benefit curtailments, increases in premiums, deductibles and copayments, and even outright cancellations, are not only inevitable but are the deliberately sought-after result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590). The purpose, said Moore, is to persuade the body politic to accept the imposition of a single-payer government-run insurance plan for everyone. Glenn Beck has often said the same, and suggested that a seminal paper by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven is the model that President Barack Obama and his allies are following. (Cloward RA and Piven FF, "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty," The Nation, 2 May 1966. Reproduced at
For her part, Little offered her alternatives to the policies of the Obama administration:
Repealing Pallonecare will be the first step to restoring our nation's economic growth. And the second step will be to extend the current tax rates for ALL of America's taxpayers, so that NO ONE faces a tax hike in the middle of a jobless recovery.
The Little campaign also announced officially that Little's debate with Pallone last Sunday will not be the only one. Little and Pallone will face one another a second time, on Thursday evening, October 21, at 7:00 p.m., at the Oyster Point Hotel/Ballroom, Red Bank, NJ. The Monmouth and Ocean County Medical Societies will sponsor the debate. The subject will be healthcare policy. The event is open to the public, but registration is required. Persons interested in attending are invited to send e-mail here.
UPDATE: As of this posting (6:25 p.m. EDT), Frank Pallone has not confirmed his attendance at the Monmouth/Ocean Medical Society. (Art Gallagher reported that the venue moved to the Oyster Point Hotel from the Riverview Medical Center because the hospital couldn't handle the expected crowd.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anna on...

Recently our good friend Ernesto Cullari from the triCityNews did an interview with Anna Little. Over the next 2 weeks we will be putting up short clips of "Anna on" an issue. The frist one is Anna on PalloneCare aka the healthcare reform law by Frank Pallone

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just in: Little with in 1 point of Pallone

From Politicker NJ

Republican numbers cruncher Adam Geller of National Research, Inc. shows Republican challenger Little with a shot to win in her challenge of a vulnerable U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch).
Commissioned by the Little campaign, Geller puts Pallone ahead of Little by one point, 44-43%, in a survey Geller conducted from Oct. 5-6.
The survey of 300 likely 6th Congressional District voters with a +/- 5.66% margin of error shows that district voters favor the generic Republican candidate by a margin of 43-39%. 
Pallone has a favorability rating of 42%, compared to 36% unfavorable. His job approval rating, according to the poll, is 35%, compared to 39% who disapprove. Among voters who have heard of both candidates, Little leads Pallone, 58-32%. Those with a "formed opnion" of both candidates give Little the lead, 66-27%. Among voters who are a self-reported "10" in vote likelihood, Little leads 48-40%. Among independents, Little leads 49-34%.
Keep up the good work every body lets send Pallone back home!!!!

More abuse of power Frank Pallone gets his dady a tax payer funded job

Not only did Frank Pallone uses his position of power to get his wife Sarah Pallone a $144,000+ a year job at the EPA. Frank Pallone also got his father a $72,000+ year job at the Department Law & Public Safety! And its a part time job as well!

Frank Pallone Sr (left), Frank Pallone Jr. (right) 

Pallone Sr's State Job 

  • Department LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY
  • Classification NON-COMPETITIVE
  • Title INVSTGR 2 L&PS
  • Work County ESSEX
  • Work Muni NEWARK CITY
  • Base Pay $72,687
  • Extra Pay  $0
  • Total Pay  $72,687
  • Part time %  00 %
  • Actual Salary (for part timers)  $72,687
  • Comp Method ANNUAL SALARY
  • Hire Year  1990
  • Title Year  1996

Little Destroys Pallone in Debate

Last night at the Frank Pallone-Anna Little debate, Anna made her policies quite clear. Pallone failed to explain his policies and frequently drifted off into unrelated topics such as windmills when asked about the economy and jobs.

The crowd didn't seem to like Frank too much either.

Clear winner: Anna Little

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Sides" fixed

I saw Mr Pallone TV ad and could not stand the hypocrisy, so I fixed it for Mr. Pallone. I don't want him spending all that money on an ad that's not true.

Here is his original ad

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The results of Frank Pallone's corruption for ReGen Biologics victims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said its 2008 move approving the sale of a ReGen Biologics Inc. (RGBO) knee implant should not have happened.

The device will remain on the market until the FDA completes the process of rescinding the clearance, and ReGen may apply for a new marketing application or request a regulatory hearing.
Patients who have had the device implanted should talk to their surgeon or other health-care provider about what, if any, steps should be taken, the FDA said.

Approval for the menaflex collagen scaffold was given in December 2008 over the objection of agency scientists and managers. The FDA acknowledged in an unusual report it released a year ago that extreme pressure from Democrats on Capitol Hill (4 NJ DEMOCRATS INCLUDING FRANK PALLONE) and lobbying by the company influenced the decision-making process at the agency.

The product is aimed at repairing and reinforcing a knee's meniscal tissue, which cushions the ends of bones in the joint and lubricates it. The FDA said Thursday it has concluded the device is intended to be used for different purposes and its technology is not similar to similarly used devices on the market. For example it is intended to stimulate the growth of new tissue, as opposed to repairing or reinforcing it.
The action comes as the market for orthopedic hip and knee devices is under pressure from a struggling global economy. The agency's decision doesn't affect other devices on the market.
-By Matt Jarzemsky, Dow Jones Newswires; 212-416-2240;

A classic clash of ideas in NJ's 6th District

NEPTUNE, N.J. (AP) — If she can pull it off, a small-town mayor's effort to unseat an 11-term incumbent member of Congress might be the ultimate tea party coup in a battle between an advocate of getting the government out of people's lives and a politician who believes government can help make things better.
Republican Anna Little, the mayor of Highlands, already upset the establishment Republican candidate — by just 84 votes — in the June primary for the right to face Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone.
Pallone has won his last five re-election bids by margins of at least two to one. But polls have shown this race is much closer, despite Pallone's huge fundraising advantage.
Through Sept. 30, Little had raised a little over $300,000. Between Jan. 1 and June 30 — before election season heated up — Pallone added $1.7 million in contributions. That gave him $4 million on hand.
Little is trying to overcome her cash disadvantage by having her band of loyal volunteers, many of them tea party members, knock on 100,000 doors in the central New Jersey district before the Nov. 2 election.
It's ambitious but not unprecedented for a campaign to try to reach that many voters in person. Last year, Boston City Council candidate Doug Bennett said he knocked on 100,000 doors, but he still lost. And in 2008, Democrat Gary Peters' campaign reported visiting more voters than that in a Michigan congressional race, which he won.
Little, 43, an immigration lawyer, is a social conservative who opposes abortion, favors gun rights, wants tighter enforcement of immigration laws and believes that courts are too often overstepping their role and creating laws rather than merely interpreting them. But her campaign is built around the main tea party issues — reducing federal spending, cutting taxes and rolling back the health insurance overhaul adopted by Congress earlier this year.
Little's most active supporters are what she calls "the bumper sticker crowd."
About 80 gathered on a recent Saturday morning in the parking lot of a Neptune restaurant before heading door-to-door in the community to hand out literature. And they did wear their hearts on the back of their cars, with stickers that proclaimed, among other things: "I don't trust the liberal media."
She said her die-hard supporters and most voters she's meeting are well-informed.
"They want sound economic policy," she said in an interview. "They do not want to be dictated to by the government with regard to health care — at all."
That one's a major concern, at least for some voters.
Pallone, 58, was an architect of the House version of the health insurance bill that was enacted earlier this year. The measure sought to increase access to insurance for those who had not been covered before. Its critics on the left say it doesn't do enough. The critics on the right — including many tea party groups — say it amounts to socialism.
Like other members of Congress, Pallone was criticized last year at town hall meetings over his support for the bill.
"Thousands of people told him, 'Don't support this bill,'" Little said. "He said, 'I know what's best for you."
"Whatever way he started out, the most recent decisions he's made show a complete disconnect with the people that he's supposed to be serving," she said.
Pallone says that's not what he hears from constituents.
"The support for the health care bill amongst the people I represent has always been strong," he said.
While Little frames Pallone's stances as intrusions, he outlines them as ways government can help people fend off "special interests" like oil companies, Wall Street and insurance companies that would hurt the environment and people's finances if given the chance.
"The larger issue is whose side are you on?" Pallone said in a telephone interview. "I'm out there trying to make sure we're not going to have another economic meltdown by fighting against the big banks."
Pallone, long an advocate of environmental protections, warns that repealing the financial regulation and health insurance overhauls he supported would put the middle-class at risk.
To Little and her supporters, it's government intervention, not big business, that's threatening.
At her brief pre-door-knocking rally, the diminutive Little took a microphone and led the supporters in a rendition of "God Bless America" before the volunteers, clad in white campaign sweat shirts, dispersed to neighborhoods.
The scene repeats itself every Saturday morning as the campaign targets a different community, knocking on doors of unaffiliated voters, who make up about half the district.
The campaign is focusing on towns where it believes can swing the election — the ones that President Barack Obama carried in 2008 but where Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, won last year.
After all, Christie carried the district as a whole last year.

Frank Pallone Corruption


For Immediate Release

Susan Barry
Anna C. Little for Congress, Inc.


(HIGHLANDS, October 15) - Republican Congressional challenger Anna Little - continuing to highlight a report in The New York Times indicating that her opponent, 22-year incumbent Frank Pallone, worked to overturn a decision by the Food and Drug Administration after receiving campaign contributions from a medical device manufacturer whose device had been unanimously rejected on multiple occasions by FDA scientific reviewers - today called on Pallone to explain the exact nature of the transaction.

“Yesterday, The New York Times published a disturbing report about our Congressman, Frank Pallone, using his influence to get the FDA to approve a medical device after receiving campaign contributions from the device manufacturer,” said Little. “So yesterday, we challenged Rep. Pallone to tell us what OTHER federal government agencies he’s influenced on behalf of campaign contributors.

“Today, we’d like to go back to the original transaction, and get some more detail from Mr. Pallone,” said Little.

“Specifically, we’d like answers to the following questions:

“When you accepted your first contribution from an executive of the device manufacturer in December 2007, did you know then that he was hoping you would look favorably upon his request for help with the FDA? Put another way, was the campaign contribution — $2300, the maximum then allowed by law - the first you had heard of the device manufacturer and its problem with the FDA?

“If not - that is, if you knew of the device manufacturer’s problems with the FDA BEFORE you accepted the contribution - did you or anyone on your congressional or campaign staff (including fundraising consultants) indicate to the executive that his request would be far more likely to be given favorable consideration if it were accompanied by a contribution?

“If yes - that is, if you did NOT know of the device manufacturer’s problems with the FDA at the time you accepted the contribution - at what point, exactly, DID you become aware of the problems with the FDA? And at that point, did the fact that you had already accepted a contribution from an executive of the company raise any questions at all in your mind as to the propriety of offering assistance to a campaign contributor?

“The timing of the two contributions - the first, in December 2007, the second, in October 2008 - certainly seems interesting, given that the heavy lifting of the influence exerted by your office appears to have begun in December 2007. Would it be reasonable to draw the conclusion that the December 2007 contribution was an enticement to action, and the October 2008 contribution a ‘thank you’ for a job well done? If not, why not?

“We have many more questions for Mr. Pallone on this matter,” said Little. “But we don’t want to overtax him the way he overtaxes us. So we’ll just leave it here for now.

“Remember, you cannot change Washington without changing the people we send to Washington!”

Yesterday’s New York Times report:

Last year’s New York Times report:

Friday, October 15, 2010

A good use for a Pallone a yard sign

Earlier this week and a half witted Pallone canvasser placed a yard sign on a friends front yard! Not only was it someone's private property it was not even in the sixth District! So being the good friend that I am, I removed the sign. Being that I care for the environment I didn't want to simply throw the sign away, I wanted to recycle it in a creative way. What did I come up with? Well I'm using it in my birds cage to catch bird droppings.
So this got me thinking: what other creative uses for Frank Pallone campaign yard signs or material are there? If you think of any please e-mail us your photos or videos! Now I'm "not" saying to take yard signs from public property. I'm "not" saying to go to his campaign office that is located at 495 Broadway Long Branch, NJ 07740 and asking for yard signs, literature, bumper stickers or whatever else they may have. If you do those things all better, BUT we don't approve of that sort of thing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More corruption from Frank Pallone

It appears that our congressman has once again found himself in the midst of more corruption and controversy! Frank Pallone, after receiving a $8,900 (# 41 on the list) campaign contribution from CEOs of ReGen Biologics used his position of political power to pressure and influence the FDA to approve an unsafe and dangerous surgically implanted patch for injured knees. The New York Times wrote an article on the incident which can be read here. But here is my favorite excerpt from the article.

The agency responded by releasing a detailed report last year that found that its scientific reviewers had repeatedly and unanimously over many years declared the Menaflex device as unsafe and unworthy of approval, but that they had been overruled by agency managers under political pressure from four Democrats from New Jersey — Senators Robert Menendez and Frank R. Lautenberg and Representatives Frank Pallone Jr. and Steven R. Rothman.

Frank Pallone on Twitter

Frank Pallone's Tweet:
At Brookdale w/ Rush Holt to promote NJ Tech Center which will harness Ft. Monmouth talent for local jobs in communications technology.

Anna Little to debate Frank Pallone

 U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone and tea party-backed Republican challenger Anna Little have agreed to a debate Sunday night (10/17), the first public sparring event for the two 6th Congressional District candidates.
Representatives for both sides confirmed the debate will take place at Temple Shalom on 5 Aymond Lane in Aberdeen at 7 p.m. The debate is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Let's just hope Frank Pallone shows up.

Via Boing Boing: Obama administration wants encryption backdoors for domestic surveillance

Whatever happened to the rights of law abiding Americans? Democrats like Obama and Frank Pallone don't seem to care.

Boing Boing: Obama administration wants encryption backdoors for domestic surveillance

In a New York Times article today by Charlie Savage, news that the Obama administration is proposing new legislation that would provide the U.S. Government with direct access to all forms of digital communication, "including encrypted e-mail transmitters like BlackBerry, social networking Web sites like Facebook and software that allows direct 'peer to peer' messaging like Skype."
Sound familiar? As Glenn Greenwald points out in his Salon analysis piece,

In other words, the U.S. Government is taking exactly the position of the UAE and the Saudis: no communications are permitted to be beyond the surveillance reach of U.S. authorities. The new law would not expand the Government's legal authority to eavesdrop -- that's unnecessary, since post-9/11 legislation has dramatically expanded those authorities -- but would require all communications, including ones over the Internet, to be built so as to enable the U.S. Government to intercept and monitor them at any time when the law permits. In other words, Internet services could legally exist only insofar as there would be no such thing as truly private communications; all must contain a "back door" to enable government officials to eavesdrop.
On Twitter last night, Ryan Singel pointed out this relevant snip from a National Research Council report rejecting the idea of mandated backdoors in encryption... in 1996.
It is true that the spread of encryption technologies will add to the burden of those in government who are charged with carrying out certain law enforcement and intelligence activities. But the many benefits to society of widespread commercial and private use of cryptography outweigh the disadvantages.
And the lack of backdoors doesn't seem to have put much of a damper on domestic surveillance, anyway:
Law enforcement officials have long warned that encryption technology allows criminals to hide their activities, but investigators encountered encrypted communications only one time during 2009's wiretaps. The state investigators told the court that the encryption did not prevent them from getting the plain text of the messages.
Read the NYT piece: U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet. And this CNET piece by Declan McCullagh, who's been covering this beat for longer than anyone I know, is an equally essential read. Snip:

Vice President Joe Biden proposed something quite similar in the 1990s. As I wrote in an earlier article, when Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden introduced an anti-encryption bill called the Comprehensive Counter-Terrorism Act. It said: "It is the sense of Congress that providers of electronic communications services and manufacturers of electronic communications service equipment shall ensure that communications systems permit the government to obtain the plain text contents of voice, data, and other communications when appropriately authorized by law." It was Biden's bill--and the eventual threat of encryption being outlawed--that Phil Zimmermann said at the time "led me to publish PGP electronically for free that year."
Update: ACLU reaction here. "Mandating that all communications software be accessible to the government is a huge privacy invasion."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The US to have policies like the Chinese?!?!

Frank Pallone at the Annual Somerset County Democrats Gala DInner held October 7, 2010 told us the US should have policies like the Chinese!! Really Frank, you want the US to have policies like the Chinese? So do you want us to have the policies to kill our own citizens or the policies to take over all manufacturing??? 

Annas Doolittle Raiders strike Neptune & run into a crazy Pallone backer

Annas Doolittle Raiders strike Neptune and run into a crazy Pallone backer who took down most of are signs, but we up them back up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frank Pallone hates seniors!

Frank Pallone tells us he cares about seniors, but yet his healthcare bill cuts Medicare by $500 billion...